Toward Health osteopathic clinic is now open weekends:

Saturday and Sunday all day in Bristol

We continue to offer uninterupted osteopathic care in Bristol through the second COVID-19 national lockdown , call us 0117 911 1771 regarding any query.

FAQ second COVID-19 national lockdown:

Can I see an osteopath at Toward Health during the second COVID-19 national lockdown?

The Government’s announcement of a proposed second national lockdown for England from Thursday 5 November, we expect this latest legislation to replicate previous legislation enabling us to operate as essential healthcare during this second lockdown period. Would this not be the case we’ll amend our policy accordingly.

Registered osteopath & chiropractor are primary health care practitioners and are allowed to continue providing their services through the COVID-19 lockdown.

Why are you open?

The second COVID-19 national lockdown announcement from the government was clear, healthcare centres should remain open and people can still leave home for medical treatment. As such, Toward Health will be doing its bit by providing consistent, uninterrupted care.

I have been given an appointment at Toward Health, what to do if asked by the authorities where I am going?

Explain that you are attending a medical service. In doubt you can provide them with my registration detail 9390, you can follow this link to the osteopathic council as proof of registration. And call the 0117 911 1771 as well.

Osteopathic Care

Osteopaths are experts at treating the human body and they use their knowledge and skills to provide a complete care package to guide you towards health.

The right choice

At Toward Health, we work with you to achieve your goal and make sure you get the care you need.

Active Partnership

To date, we have helped hundreds of patents with their health. We are confident that you will find the help you need with us.

Etienne Kille

Jeremy is a very good Osteopath, he has helped my shoulder after an injury. I would highly recommend him!

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Muazzez Acar

I had suffered with back and neck pain for over 10 years before meeting Jeremy.

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Andre Romeril

After my hurting my back pretty badly during a very heavy squat session I saw Jeremy

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Osteopath in Bristol

If you are in pain in Bristol, our expert osteopaths are here to help.

Whether you are in pain, in need of advice, aim to improve in your favourite sport or want your body to run more smoothly our osteopaths are here to help and keep you well for as long as possible. At Toward Health we are dedicated to build an active partnership between patient and therapist.

To best treat our patients we first identify the root of the problem, using this knowledge we then design the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Our aim is to help you feel better as quickly as possible. We provide long lasting results with fast symptoms relief.

Live your life to the fullest without pain with Toward Health.

Did You know most insurance companies cover osteopathy?