Osteopath in Bristol

If you are in pain in Bristol, our expert osteopaths are here to help.

Whether you are in pain, in need of advice, aim to improve in your favourite sport or want your body to run more smoothly our osteopaths are here to help and keep you well for as long as possible. At Toward Health we are dedicated to build an active partnership between patient and therapist.

To best treat our patients we first identify the root of the problem, using this knowledge we then design the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Our aim is to help you feel better as quickly as possible. We provide long lasting results with fast symptoms relief.

Live your life to the fullest without pain with Toward Health.
Live your life to the fullest without pain with Toward Health.

What we Treat

Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain we can help you. After reaching a diagnosis our osteopaths will design a unique treatment plan to treat and manage your back pain.


Migraines and chronic headache carry an element of muscular and joint imbalance. After reaching a diagnosis our expert osteopath will follow a tailored treatment play to effectively treat your pain.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is becoming increasingly prevalent due to our modern lifestyle. However, our osteopathic team have efficient solutions to prevent neck pain to become a chronic problem.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a complex and unstable joint. Following the diagnostic process, our expert osteopath will provide the treatment and management plan that suits your present shoulder problem.

Hip Pain

Hip pain, imbalance and an osteoarthritis are very common presenting complaints at our clinic. After a careful examination, our osteopaths will set up the appropriate management plan for your condition.

Knee Pain

Knee pain and injury are very common. Your Osteopath will identify the origin of the knee pain often a problem in another part of the body or more simply an injury.


Osteoarthritis is a direct consequence of ageing, while we will all have if it doesn’t have to be symptomatic. Our expert team will help get rid of the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


With the increasing use of technology the elbow joint often suffers and become painful. Our osteopath will help you regain function in your elbow.

Hand Wrist

Hand and wrist problems used to be quite rare, however, due to the modern lifestyle it is becoming more prevalent. Our osteopath offers a complete management of this complexes part of the body.


During pregnancy many woman experience pain due to the numerous changes that occur. At Toward Health our experienced team will help you through this process to keep pain at bay.


Sciatica describes the painful shooting pain many experiences at the back of their leg. At Toward Health our osteopath will identify the root of the problem and treat the appropriate areas.

Sports Injury

Getting injured while playing sport is very common. The crucial element with injury is how fast you deal with it, at toward Health we offer rehabilitation and management of sports injury to give the best results.

At Toward Health our team of expert Osteopath will manage most of your presenting problems and find the cause of your Pain with their holistic whole body approach.

Trusted osteopath review verified by Google in Bristol. Efficient treatment for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hip pain, foot pain.

Trusted osteopath recommendation verified by Facebook in Bristol. Efficient treatment for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hip pain, foot pain.