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Having had problems with my back, leg and groin area for many years and many unsuccessful doctor appointment. A friend of mine recommended this osteopath, I wasn’t sold on the idea at first but I decided to give it a try. Now I am more than happy that I decided to see Jeremy. After my first appointment, I already felt a massive difference! I am looking forward to going back there to see how much better I can get.Google review

Joe, 2018

Jeremy was a huge help to me! I was struggling to pass a military fitness test and having pains in my shoulders making it hard to train. He treated my pain and tension then gave me new exercises to help build my strength. I passed my fitness test 3 sessions / 4 weeks later.

Claire, 2018

I have been suffering from back pain for 4 years before meeting this osteopath. Jeremy thank you very much I can lift my kids up now.

Dan, 2018

Jeremy is the first osteopath I ever met, and he greatly helped me take control of my back pain. Thank you. Recommended!

Joe, 2018

Jeremy knows his stuff. I have been to many different osteos and chiropractors and Jeremy is one of the best. His initial treatment combined with exercises have helped me with persistent back issues. Many thanks!!!

Thomas, 2018

Seeing Jeremy has changed my life. No more migraines and I am sleeping like a baby. Highly recommended!

Becs, 2018

Unfortunately for me, I am rather prone to having back spasms, making life and movement very difficult and painful at times. Luckily, I decided to try osteopathy, and I found Jeremy at his Toward Health clinic. He brought me back to function in under 2 weeks. He does great work, don’t hesitate!

Jack, 2018

I was due to have another hip replacement in 3 month because I was suffering from osteoathritis. Thenone of my friend recommended me to try an alternative route. That’s how I stumbled across osteopathy and met Jeremy and his clinic. I was delighted 3 weeks later most of my pain was gone and 2 weeks after that I was pain free. I cannot recommend enough. Thank you!

Anna, 2018

After my hurting my back pretty badly during a very heavy squat session I saw Jeremy very soon after the injury. I struggled to walk in for the first session and I managed to walk out feeling better immediately. He told me I’d probably only need one more session and he was right!! I had a second session and about two days after that it was back to 100%. He also gave me some exercises to maintain the relief and so far I’ve not had the injury since!!”

Andre, 2018

I would highly recommend! Simply excellent experience and amazing improvement to my injury within a very short space of time!
I received treatment due to a shoulder injury that was causing substantial problems for several months and was deteriorating as opposed to showing any sign of improvement.
I decided to try Toward Health and booked an initial consultation and treatment. I was met by Jeremy, who I found incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Jeremy identified my problems very quickly and began treating my shoulder straight away, along with providing appropriate rehabilitation exercises to do at home. Within a matter of weeks my shoulder showed substantial improvement and after only a few sessions I have now fully recovered! A huge thanks to Jeremy! Well worth doing! I would highly recommend using Toward Health.

Adam, 2018

Jeremy is very friendly and informative. He explains everything he’s doing, asking questions all the time so he can assess your feedback and adjust his therapy accordingly. Being available after working hours is also very welcome! Would highly recommend.

Adam, 2018

I can highly recommend Jeremy. He is very approachable and knowledgeable and is clearly passionate about what he does. His treatments made a huge improvement to my back, along with his tailored exercise programme. Jeremy e-mailed exercises to me following each session which was really helpful to ensure I didn’t forget what I should be doing! Sessions never felt rushed as they have done with other Osteopaths I have seen in the past.

Sarah, 2018