1st Consultation

Your osteopath will take a detailed case history in order to conduct a thorough examination. Your osteopath will then determine your problems and needs. (First Visit)

Explaination of Findings

Your osteopath will develop and explain a detailed report of their findings and the problems they present. Then your bespoke treatment plan will be presented to you before starting treatment.

Introduction Talk

 This is a brief talk about your care package at Toward Health, it is designed to help you understand how to get the most your experience with us before starting treatment.

Price per Visit

Consultation + treatment 60 minutes : £60

Treatment 40 minutes: £40

Treatment 60 minutes: £60

Home visite: Add transport fee

Re Examination

At the start of every treatment your osteopath will re-assess you in order to monitor your progress and continue to provide the best care for you.

Treatment & Aftercare

Osteopathic care at Toward Health relies on hands-on treatment. After the treatment you will be given after-care advice to best support your improvement and your path toward health. (About US)