Your First Visit with our osteopath

At Toward Health don’t want to rush though the examination and diagnostic process. So your first consultation with one of our osteopath will last about 20 minutes.

Case history

Upon your first osteopathic consultation at Toward Health, your osteopath will take a detailed case history of your presenting  complaint or complaints. Your osteopath will ask you about the nature of your condition/discomfort and pain: including location, time of onset, pain pattern, symptoms, and history. In addition to questions regarding the history of the current complaint, your osteopath will need to know about your medical history (fracture, injury, surgery, illness, medication and so on). Finally, your osteopath will ask you about your lifestyle (employment, sport, hobbies etc). This allows your osteopath to know more about you and to adjust your treatment and examination to best address your problem. Once all the relevant information has been gathered your osteopath will want to examine you.


In most instances, in order to best examine you, your osteopath will ask you to remove the items of clothing required for examination. It is not uncommon for patients to be in their underwear during examination and treatment (What should I wear?). Getting undressed is necessary to allow your osteopath to best examine you. Don’t hesitate to let your osteopath know if you have any concern, we are here to help and listen to you. During the examination, your osteopath will observe your posture, palpate the relevant musculature and joints as well as assess their movement and also complete some orthopaedic testing. If indicated by your case history, your osteopath will also perform medical test such as blood pressure, auscultation and palpation of various organs and systems check.


Once the examination is complete, your osteopath will explain and discuss with you their findings, working diagnosis and treatment plan. Do not hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear or if you have any concern. After the diagnostic & explanation steps your osteopath will give you your first treatment.


Treatment is hands-on, it involves moving muscles or joints using carefully selected mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue tissues techniques to best suit your current needs (Learn more about Osteopathy). Throughout the treatment, your osteopath will explain to you what treatment is being done. Treatment last about 40 minutes.

After your treatment – Health plan

After your first treatment, your osteopath will give you advice (exercise, posture, hydrotherapy and other lifestyle advice) in order to best assist your recovery and help to prevent reoccurrence or worsening of symptoms.