Neck Pain

Neck pain and discomfort is a common problem in people of all ages and is often linked to how we move our neck during the day and rest it at night. Working long hours behind a desk, stress, poor posture and fatigue are factors that cause tightness and imbalance in the neck. These factors ultimately lead to neck pain and discomfort. At Toward Health we work with you to eliminate neck pain and provide a lasting solution to the problem.

Common neck symptoms:

–    Reduced movement and mobility.
–    “Grinding” sensation and clicking.
–    Stiffness.
–    Sharp /dull pain traveling toward the hand.
–    Pins and needles & tingling over the shoulder, arm, forearm, and hand.
–    Headache.

Some common neck condition patients visit Toward Health with:

–    Muscles stiffness and tightness.
–    Repetitive neck strain from incorrect posture, work or sports/hobbies.
–    Osteoarthritis.
–    Occipital dysfunction.

Neck Pain Osteopathy Treatment Bristol