Knee Pain

The knee is a complex joint that acts both as a pillar and also hinge in the lower limb. Its stability relies on many ligaments, however, because of how mobile and complex the knee joint is, the knee is easily injured. At Toward Health we complete a precise diagnosis through orthopaedic testing and lower limb examination is necessary to identify knee disorders.

Symptoms associated with knee problems:

–    Stiffness.
–    Sharp/dull pain over the patella, side, front or back of the knee.
–    Knee locking, clicking and giving way.
–    Swelling, difficulty walking or bending the knee.
–    Difficulty/pain going up and down stairs.

Some common knee condition patients visit Toward Health for:

–    Knee/patella osteoarthritis.
–    Patellar maltracking.
–    Fibular dysfunction.
–    Cruciate ligament strain/tear.
–    Meniscal tear.

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