Jeremy Marquette – Osteopath

Jeremy Marquette M.Ost, ND, DO.

Jeremy first studied medicine for two years, before turning toward osteopathy when discovering about its philosophy and foundation and decided to start anew learning osteopathy.

Over the last decade, Jeremy spent most of his time gathering knowledge and experience in many of the fields of human health. First, he completed two years in medicine before finding his passion in osteopathy upon discovering its philosophy and approach to health.

With his deep desire to help others, his passion for osteopathy kept on growing as he came to realise the potential that osteopathy has osteopathy to help others. This is why Jeremy continue to improve his knowledge and skill to enhance people health.

Jeremy considers that in order for osteopathy to enhance a person’s health there are two elements to consider: effective hands-on treatment coupled with building a strong patient-practitioner partnership. Education and empowerment are an essential part of the patient management to best nurture recovery and enhance the healing process. This leads to a long term improvement in quality of life above previous levels.

Jeremy has experience working with a large variety of patients. Over the years, he used his patient health care approach to help hundreds of individuals. This ranges from the terminally ill patients through to elite athletes by guiding them through their journey toward recovery and long term health.

Jeremy’s vision for Toward Heal is to offer support and deliver solution to enhance patient health and quality of life. Jeremy aims to share his expertise and work ethic to develop osteopathy and help even more people in need.

Aside from his work Jeremy is a keen sportsman currently training martial arts, swimming and also long distance cycling and running.

Jeremy great interest in nutrition and lifestyle alteration started during his qualification as an osteopath and naturopath. He still continues to develop his knowledge and understanding of human biomechanics, physics, nutrition and osteopathy to advance his skills.

Jeremy Marquette osteopath photo 2019