About Jeremy Marquette

Jeremy Marquette M.Ost, ND, DO.

Jeremy first studied medicine for two years, before turning toward osteopathy when discovering about its philosophy and foundation and decided to start anew learning osteopathy.

His passion for osteopathy began when learning about the ability to diagnose and treat patients with skillful hands on approaches as well as advice and targeted teaching about health and wellness.

Jeremy views osteopathy as an active partnership between the patient and the therapist where education and empowerment are essential for pain management and relief in order to nurture recovery, enhance the healing process for long term health benefit and pain relief.

Jeremy has a great interest in working with all kinds of patients, whether a sports person or just a regular person and even sick people, as he believes the osteopathic approach can benefit to a larger range of people than it does to date.

Jeremy goal for Toward Health is to deliver support and solution for people with pain, discomfort, physical stress or looking to enhance their health; helping patients in the journey toward recovery and long term health benefits.

Jeremy vision for the creation of Toward Health is to develop and grown osteopathy and manual therapy for the benefit of both patients and therapist to work toward developing the future of the profession. Jeremy aims to export his expertise and work ethic to allow the therapist to reach even more people in need.

Aside from his work Jeremy’s is a keen sportsman currently practicing swimming and long distance running and cycling. Jeremy’ interest in nutrition and lifestyle alterations was greatly developed during his qualification in naturopathy and still practices both as an osteopath and naturopath.

Jeremy Marquette Toward Health Osteopath Principal