Jeremy Marquette – Holistic practitioner

Jeremy Marquette M.Ost, ND, DO.

My experience in formal medical education started with two years in medical school; I then changed my path choosing to complete a four-year Master’s in Osteopathy and naturopathy. In the latter half of my education, I began to build my relationship with ‘healthcare’.

Over the last twelve years I progressively realised my relationship to ‘Health’, the ‘Human body’ and ‘Humans’ would only grow and deepen with time and I grow as a ‘Human’ and a Holistic Healer.

I have a deep desire to help and support humanity and my patients, to date I have spent over 17,000 hours treating and helping people both in and outside my clinic. Within this length of time, I came across so many amazing Humans from all walks of life, this led me to confront my own challenges as a human and a practitioner. Further driving myself awake, enhance and develop myself as a person and as a practitioner.

To date, the root of my approach to treatment is a mix of hands-on body manipulation and exchanging about the body while I treat, my main aim is to elevate patient consciousness and enhance their ability to heal and help/understand themselves and their body.

To best deliver results building a strong partnership with patients is key, a process that requires kindness listening and compassion in order to improve patient experience and build lasting health.

To that effect, I have developed a completely different and unique approach to healthcare that best fits my own skills and ability, offering my patients a completely tailored and immersive experience of healthcare.

A clinical approach is only a small but necessary part of my practice. To new patients, I would describe the practice I created in my clinic as a completely new experience of healthcare for my patients.

Another aim to create my clinic brand Toward Health is to find gifted individuals to partner with me and work in synergy with them to further help people and ourselves.

As a human I enjoy human relationships and shared experiences, keeping healthy through food, movement, observation, listening and self-development is very important to me. I write poetry and enjoy learning about the world myself and the universe at large.

As a practitioner I like helping patients of all wake of life and all, if you want help I’ll find a way to help you and your body.

Jeremy Marquette osteopath photo 2019