Your First Visit

At Toward Health we understand that listening is at the core of our care. Your first visit with us will last around 60 minutes.

Before we begin your consultation your practitioner will briefly explain step by step what is going to happen during your first visit.

Yellow pencil illustration writing on a note pad about patient health and treatment plan

Your history

Upon your first visit at Toward Health, you want take take your detailed history, as much as you are willing to share. The more you feel comfortable sharing the more we gain access to you as a human, it gives us a deeper understanding of who and what we are dealing with.

Youcan share with us anything you are comfortable: ”nature of your discomfort, acute or chronic condition and pain including medical history, lifestyle, trauma, how it feels to live in your body and so on…”

We are experts at taking history, so we make sure this process does not take too long leaving ample time to treat you and allow you to enjoy your experience with us. We’ll begin the examination process after that.

Man and woman illustation in underwear skin colour and grey green undeware

What to Wear & Why

IIn most instances our patients are examined and treated in their underwear which is optimal for your care, however, do not feel pressure into undressing this is not comp

We recommend that you wear underwear that you are comfortable standing, for example, a sports bra, sports shorts etc. We have all sizes of shorts available should you wish, and we have a changing space to offer you privacy while undressing as well.

Any concerns ask, we are here to help and listen to you.

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Your practitioner will place their hands on your body to make you feel and experience what is truly happening in your body, this process aims to bring your attention to areas of pain you might not be aware of, sensitivity, lack of feeling in a particular area, swelling, lack of movement, stiffness, heat, tonicity of the body, heaviness, congestion and so on…

During this process your practitioner will comment or explain the meaning behind some of his findings, the exchange will be tailored to best fit you on the day, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

At Toward Health the second part of our examination process involves taking clinical photographs of patients to better present our findings and show you changes within your body before and after your first treatment. Similar to undressing this is not compulsory we’ll ask your consent to do so. do so.

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Treatment is hands-on, and exchanging with you about your body and hour health. We will treat any area of you body that feels relevant to best help your.

After your treatment

At Toward Health, we aim to take treatment beyond the treatment room. during your treatment with us, we will tailor our exchange with you to offer you a deeper understanding of your health. This will accelerate your healing journey and give you life-transforming insight into your own health.