Headaches & Migraine

Do you suffer from headache & migraine. For most people, headaches are not frequent and do not last long. However, at times headaches can be chronic and debilitating. Headaches are categorized into two main categories: tension headaches and migraine.

Tension headaches are caused by muscle imbalance and strain in the neck, base of the skull and jaw. Migraines are more complicated as they involve contraction of cerebral blood vessels.

Common symptoms of tension headaches & migraine:

Tension Headaches:

–    Widespread pain in the head, neck and/or around the eyes.
–    Muscles tightness and soreness on the head or neck.
–    Ongoing neck, back or shoulder pain and discomfort.
–    Symptoms worsening through the day or with stress.


–    Throbbing or pulsating pain that worsens on movement.
–    Pain lasting up to several days.
–    Pain located on one side of the head.
–    Specific trigger for the headaches (eg: certain food and beverages).
–    Nausea, vomiting, vertigo and visual disturbances.

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