Adrian Somerfield – Web Developer

Adrian Web Developper black and white

Adrian is our ‘go-to’ web developer, he helped Jeremy, the owner of Toward Health, to develop and implement his vision of the website and offer an easy navigation experience to people.

Over the years Adrian never failed to deliver solutions to implement our online development and is currently working with us to continuously improve our website. He continues to develop a seamless online exercise prescription system to better provide advice to patients.

Adrian has completed a masters degree in art history before he worked in retail thee became an industrial chemist. In his spare time, Adrian enjoys a game of tennis and loves to keep up with the latest films at the cinema.



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Hanna Walter – Online Receptionist

Hanna walter photo online receptionist team member

Short Bio.

Hanna takes care of additional admin and works hard with Jeremy to maintain excellent patient communication.

Hanna is essential in her job to give not only the practitioners of Toward Health an easier experience but also enable a smoother booking and enquiry process for our patients.

When she is not working, Hanna enjoys knitting, painting, reading and a game of crotchet.

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Dusan Mijolic – Graphic Designer

Dusan photo black and white

Dusan is our graphic designer. He helped us to build bespoke images to grow our brand vision.

Dusan is extremely thorough and attentive to detail, to date we have successfully worked together to create hundreds of tailored images. 

Since opening his business in 2014, Dusan helped hundreds of business with their logo design and brand recognition.

Dussan is a creative individual, passionate in design and music.

Dussan also enjoys travelling all over the world to discover and experience new cultures and the beauty of other countries.

@ spartans.design.studio@gmail.com