Sports Injury

A sports injury is a broad term to define an injury sustained as a result or during the practice or sport. A sport injury can occur to anyone regardless whether they’re a beginner or an elite athlete. A correct diagnosis and quick treatment with a tailored recovery program are key to a fast recovery.

Sports injuries are divided into traumatic injuries and overuse injuries.

–    Traumatic injury is a type of injury sustained during the practice of a sport, usually from fall, tackle or contact during practice.
–    Overuse injury is mainly due to repetitive movement or strain linked with a biomechanical imbalance.

Common symptoms of sports injury:

–    Sudden pain.
–    Swelling.
–    Difficulty weight bearing.
–    Dislocation or subluxation of a joint.
–    Immediate weakness.
–    Tenderness around a joint.

Sports Injury