Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. Its integrity is mainly maintained by the muscles that allow the shoulder to move in all directions. This mobility also makes the shoulder susceptible to instability, pain and injury. In order to best diagnose shoulder problems, we need to closely examine the joint associated to it (shoulder blade and collar bone). Due to its location shoulder disorders are frequently associated with disorders of the neck, mid back, and arm.

Common shoulder symptoms:

–    Dull or sharp pain around and within the shoulder joint.
–    Stiffness and discomfort in the shoulder and neck.
–    Pain and discomfort behind the shoulder blade.
–    Clicking and popping.
–    Difficulty and pain moving the shoulder in a certain direction.
–    Pain upon lifting objects.

Some common shoulder conditions patients visit Toward Health for:

–    Rotator cuff injury and tendinopathy.
–    Shoulder instability.
–    Capsular/ ligamentous strain.
–    Shoulder instability.
–    Muscular strain.
–    Post traumatic disorder (most commonly after a fall)

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