Hip Pain

The hip joint is strong and sturdy and can carry most of the weight of the body during walking and running. Wear and tear and injury are not uncommon to the hip joint. When a hip problem occurs, it is very likely that there is an imbalance in another part of the body, for example, the pelvis, knee, back and ankle. This imbalance may be a result of the hip problem, or it may be the cause of the hip problem. At Toward Health to best manage your hip condition by managing the hip joint as well as the surrounding joints and associated muscles.

Common hip symptoms:

–    Clicking popping noise.
–    Hip locking or giving way.
–    Pain & difficulty walking.
–    Pain weight bearing.

Some common hip conditions patients visit Toward Health for:

–    Muscular strain.
–    Ligament strain.
–    Hip osteoarthritis.
–    Hip injury.
–    Labral tear.
–    Referred pain from back, pelvis, knee or viscera.

Hip Pain Osteopathy Treatment Bristol