Back Pain

Back pain is the most common complaint that people experience. In fact, studies have shown that over 90% of people will experience back pain their life. At Toward Health we are skilled in the identification, treatment and prevention of back pain providing a long term solution.


Nowadays, a person’s lifestyle is the most common cause of back pain and discomfort, for example, most jobs involving sitting behind a desk for long hours or lifting heavy objects in a repetitive way. Incorrect posture during standing/sitting, lifestyle habits, previous injury, awkward lifting, tight muscle, joint imbalance, tight muscles and wear and tear on joints are taken into account when trying to understand a patient back pain.  This is why at Toward Health we do not only treat the symptoms of back pain but we aim to understand the global picture of the problem in order to beat achieve a long term relief.

Common back pain symptoms

–    Acute and chronic back pain and stiffness including lower back upper back and neck.
–    Shooting pain and/or dull ache traveling from the back to the lower limb (buttock, thigh, calves, and feet).
–    Tingling, burning and pins and needles in the back or legs.
–    Regular clicking, popping or cracking of the back.

Some common back condition patient visit Toward Health for:

–    Disc injuries.
–    Shooting back pain.
–    Back strain.
–    Posture problem.
–    Osteoarthritis.
–    Spinal injury.

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